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Grace Nichols

Grace Nichols' work is infused with vivid memories of her childhood in Guyana, captured in a blend of Creole and standard English. Her collections for children include Come on into my Tropical Garden (1988), Everybody Got A Gift (2005), and Cosmic Disco (2013). In her anthologies, including Poetry Jump-Up (1988) and Can I Buy a Slice of Sky (1991), she has championed of the work of Black and Asian poets; Under the Moon & Over the Sea (2002), which she compiled jointly with John Agard, won the first Centre for Literacy in Primary Education poetry award in 2003. Grace writes for children of all ages, from toddlers to young adults, and poems such as 'Praise Song for My Mother' have featured on the GCSE syllabus. Grace's many awards and accolades include the Commonwealth Poetry Prize(1983) and the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry (2021). Grace's book, Paint Me A Poem inspired by her residency at the Tate Gallery London won The Children's Poetry Bookshelf 'Best Single Author Collection'.

Selected bibliography

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